I’ve always wanted to create more content than just satire. So recently, I’ve created a photography, digital art, and graphic design blog. Here are a few examples of my work. To see more of my work, check out XPoint0Portfolio.ca

For the one other person who’s reading this website, as you know, I’ve rebranded Townie Place Media to Justin F.H Media. I’ve also gave my two other websites new templates. I have more changes for this “business.” TowniePlace.ca I haven’t updated TowniePlace.ca over the summer. I will, however, catch upContinue Reading

I’ve rebranded Townie Place Media to Justin.F.H Media for two reasons. First off, it just makes sense, since I’m the only one who’s running this business. Also, Townie Place Media was an extension of TowniePlace.ca. Justin F.H Media is a business that creates content. That includes helping other people createContinue Reading

Gab.com is an alternative to Twitter. Ever since Gab.com was first launched, the mainstream media have slandered the website, by calling it a far-right social network that’s a haven for hate speech. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. Gab.com is a social network site that encourages free speech,Continue Reading