Content Creation Services

Consulting: My consulting services include proofreading, editing, web site evaluation, and teaching you the ins and outs on creating online content.

Web hosting: Not only can I host your website at a reasonable price, but I will defend your freedom of speech and freedom of

Ad Services


Ad banner: We place ad banners on the side or at the bottom any of my websites. I can also place ad banners within blog posts as well.

Native Ads: This is a type of ad, mostly online, that matches the form and function of the platform upon which is appears.

Social media Ads: I can post ads on for your business on my social media profiles.


I make investments as an additional source of income for my business. I’m very picky on what I invest in.


I can license my intellectual property to promote your products and services.


You can order merchandise from several of my Zazzle Stores. There’s the Justin. F.H Store, Townie Place Shop, and the XPoint0 Shop.